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Claire Ruth Agmata
-Soon to be legal
-Believer, Will of God Ministries
-Single but Heart is reserved.

“Expect the UNEXPECTED”

Im already loosing hope. Is that a good thing? Because remember when you told me that you’ve already moved on? I think its time for me to let go of you too. 

SMILE because there’s not much time to be sad and depressed. 

SMILE because there’s not much time to be sad and depressed. 

It has been over three years now, but it is still YOU that I want to be with. It is still you that makes my heart skip a beat, You that make my mind go insane, and it’s YOU that make my eyes fall in love more and more. Every time I see you, I always asked myself what happened to us? Why did I let go of a special person? I hated myself for asking these stupid questions. Letting you go was my biggest mistake and I regret it. Though people tell me that I shouldn’t regret it, but it still bothers me and I thought I could find someone else that I could truly fall in love with. But my heart was and is still longing for You. I know I maybe young, but its already hard for me to control my feelings towards you. I’ve been hearing a lot of things that came out of your mouth about me but I’m not sure if your saying those because I only hear from our friends. See its hard because we both dont want to be in a relationship, All I want was that you to tell me your feelings and not lie about it. I dislike the fact that I always think of you, hoping that one you’ll ask me if I wanted to go somewhere like movies or something. Where its just me and You, and ask if I still have feelings for you, if I moved on already, or what happened to us. In 9th grade where I called you late at night, I was really hoping for us to get back together again. But I guess our hearts were still too young and we were still getting to know the definition of “Love” or I guess I was just wrong. I dont really know. But from then I knew for sure that I needed to put you aside because I couldn’t let my emotions get to me every single night. After that day I promised myself to not love anyone else beside You, so I got distracted and excelled in school and held a position for Student Government. Hoping that one day you’ll say that your proud of me. I dont think that will happen now. Because you told me to just wait for the right one. huh? I wish it was that easy to just let you go.                     


Then everyone else joins in:

But there’s always that one nigga who can’t dance:

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